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Available Fish at Petland Fenton & Lake St. Louis

An aquarium can be an exotic water world – Living Art in your home.

The Fish Room at Petland has a broad variety of freshwater and saltwater fish and invertebrates, as well as a wide assortment of freshwater plants. Our freshwater is comprised of dozens of species of tetras, gouramis, danios, cichlids, catfish, livebearers, angelfish, rainbowfish, and more! On the saltwater side, we have a wide selection of bread-and-butter fish including clownfish, tangs, chromis, damsels, etc.

In addition, we often have more exotic species, such as ribbon and dragon eels, anthias, batfish, various gobies, lionfish, triggers, and more! We also have a wide variety of corals and crustaceans, from extremely affordable “frag” pieces to large show pieces of various types, both soft and stony! Our pet counselors strive to make sure the needs of both the owner and the animal are met and it is our mission to make sure customers are secure in their knowledge of our hobby.

We have all of the supplies you need to set up and maintain a new tank and the expertise of knowledgeable staff to guide you every step of the way. Our Fish Room consists of over 90 Tanks and we carry a wide variety of Fresh Water and Salt Water fish and plants. Our inventory fluctuates on a daily basis, so come by and see what we have. If we don’t have what you want, we will find it for you. We also carry a full line of supplies for Freshwater and Planted aquarium care.

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