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Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

  • Have purchased multiple reptiles from this store and have had the best experience overall. Each time my boys bring home an animal from this store it is a new adventure as we have never had smaller animals. The team at Petland LSL have always offered plenty of advice and helped send us on our way with everything we need to keep our new pet healthy and happy. Thanks again for all you do! Great weekly experiences! Highly recommend.

    Robbie P

  • When I say true customer service not only the greeted you when u walk in...when I say wow the customer service is fantastic they sat me down explain in details about the puppies. They had common knowledge of the puppy the knew the different personality of the dog...when say again not jut one person all the worker where can u go wrong. They explain how the financial part works I can say this it's worth it it is....the dogs or healthy look good and if the puppy haven't been checked out they will explain to you the reason why. The Manger is fantastic 👌 👏 😀.....the young lady explain to me how to feed the puppy everything I just couldn't believe ❤ it this is my first new puppy...I am sooo greatful..I'm a new mommy....I name her Myaand she is a great puppy . I'm serious go there get a wonderful puppy guess what they even let me hold the puppy before I purchase the puppy. I'm at work already missing my puppy .this what I can say Petland you guys are the greatest ever......

    Latasha Black

  • I always love to go to Petland for my fish needs. I go here often because almost all of the fish employees have extensive knowledge about their department. They always have great advice and are fun to talk to about being a fish hobbyist. They also have a wide range of fish to purchase; more than what is at Petco or Petsmart. I find the fish here are also very healthy. I have personally watched them take care of the fish. The employees are well trained and truly care for their fish.

    Richard Miller

  • Really cool pet store! Kids played with the puppies and looked and a large selection of animals. Went to another large pet store afterwards, it just didn't compate. Petland was better in all areas.

    Josh Mccloud

  • We have gotten all 4 of our bulldogs from here. Mallory has been there for us each time. We absolutely love our bulldogs and thank you to Mallory for finding the perfect fit for our family each time!!

    Jen r

  • I came in to look at a few of their snakes on 4/20/2021. Their selection is on the smaller side but I was beyond impressed with the morphs they had! Such beautiful snakes. The staff was attentive and checked on me multiple times. They were patient and answered every question I had! I ended up finding the perfect snake and could not be happier with my experience. I wish I would’ve gotten their names but two girls and one guy gave me exceptional help! They were very knowledgeable. I will only be going to Petland now for all of my reptile needs. Side note- the entire store was extremely clean and every animal in there looked very well cared for and happy!

    Gabriella Brewer

  • We bought a bunny at Petland this week and the gentleman who helped us was phenomenal. He let my daughter hold each of the rabbits to find the best fit and was knowledgable on each breed. He was very personable and was extremely helpful!

    Taylor Mouser

  • This is a very nice, friendly pet store. They have petting stations where there are rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets. They are in open crates where you are free to pet. Of course 1 or 2 employee's are standing by on case of any questions. They have a large, open "meet and greet" doggie station where an employee will kindly bring out a dog for you to meet. Also has great selection lots salt water/ fresh water/ tropical fish.

    Darlene McCasland

  • The staff is always friendly and very knowledgeable. They are so patient with my many questions as a new ferret owner! They are a little more expensive than other places on some items, but the selection is different than other shops too so I am ok with that!

    Tricia Stallmann

  • First-timer here. We had the BEST experience. I wish I could remember the young lady’s name who helped us with all things fish.. she was so nice, patient and knowledgeable. We also got some puppy play time!! Not to mention the several open cages where you can really see and touch the animals! My kids had a blast and can’t wait to go back! This will def be our new animal store!!

    Kimberly Gianopulos

  • Great place to pickup any thing you may need for your pet at home or bring home a new one. Well taken care for puppies of all breeds. Priced very high but that is to be expected considering all of the advantages of bringing home a puppy from here.

    Chris Earp

  • Awesome place. They have the coolest fish and sea creatures. Friendly staff and very helpful!!!!!!

    Carolyn Sutton

  • Super friendly staff and a great selection of dog food and dog toys. Plus seeing all the cute puppies is an added bonus

    Kristen Vicory

  • Always helpful staff. They will take the time to explain any animal or product you ask them about and if they don't know they will find someone who does.

    Chris Butler

  • They were very knowledgeable about the breed we were looking into and very helpful if the process when we purchased our new puppy

    Kate Vollintine

  • They were great in helping us adopt our corgi puppy. Thank you so much amber for helping us get a new addition to our family

    Jeremy Stroup

  • The staff did very well at helping us find our new pup. Their process for getting their breeders seemed very thorough and they were full of information, not sales pitches. The "package" that comes with a new pup is very thorough with vet services, a whole lot with food and crate and supplies, and a personal "shopper" to make sure we scoured every isle getting as much as we could possibly want into our cart. 🤣🤷‍♂️👍 Again... Not salesy! April did a great job, and this smile says everything else that needs to be said.

    Brent Scott

  • I was hesitant after reading some of the negative reviews, and have always generally not wanted to support breeders. However, after we failed to win multiple pet adoption opportunities/applications over the last month, PetLand met my needs and was worth the price. Essentially, I was able to show up, pick out a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy and leave in a matter of 45 minutes. I value my time greatly and, to me, that is what you are paying extra for. No tracking down and negotiating with a breeder months in advance; or going back and forth with the adoption foster people and having them approve you and your household. Petland acts as the middle man for you, and that is why the price is double (just like all prices in retail). Show up, pay the $, and go home with your pet. Thank you Leah for helping me be able to surprise my wife on her birthday. We love our little Rosie and she is happy and perfectly healthy!

    Dan Friederich

  • We re-homed a bulldog from Petland about 2 weeks ago and she is amazing. The prices for the dogs are really insane though. The workers are very knowledgable and thorough with the pets. You may have to wait to see your dog because each petland member can only have one pet out at a time. Be patient with them

    Crystal Moore

  • Got my puppers from here as a gift 💙 I love him. Very transparent abt return and sick policies and has lots of information for take home care . Puppies are very expensive but worth it and come with a lot of stuff (cage , food , etc) I’ve had King here for almost a year now !

    Monica Buckner

  • Neat place to go if you want to look for fish that you haven't seen in awhile. Great supplies for cats and dogs with a reasonable price.


  • This place is awesome to get the best pet whether it's your 1st one or 2nd. I walked in and tell in love with my little cutie pie Layla. She is an old English bulldog.

    Emilio Wilson

  • Nice!! But they do not have the dog I want for long time. Good stuff with reasonable price. Will be back Thank you

    My Tien Phuong

  • I got both pup's from Petland and love the customer service and pedigree. My GS is no longer a puppy but still acts like and she is loving her new baby brother Rocco. Thanks Petland

    Joseph Amalla

  • This store is way better than petco hands down. There is a so much variety in animals. The aquarium section has both fresh water and salt water selection of fish. There are handful of birds and the neat part is you can pet them and hold them as you like. The reptile area was small but had a good selection. The best part of the whole place is all the puppies that were available. The slight downside is the prices are kind of high but you do see the quality.

    Tony Mariucci

  • We got our miniature dachshund from here over 1 year ago. I will be honest, she came home with kennel cough, but we brought it up at the complimentary vet visit the next day that comes with your the purchase of your puppy and was cleared up in no time. Their dogs are extremely pricey, but I do believe you get what you pay for. We have had no further problems with her and she has the best personality!

    Chelsea Gill

  • I heard many horror stories that Petland gets puppies from puppy mills but I was desperately looking for a boxer puppy and they had the most adorable one. I really hope it’s not true, but they have a bad rep. Of course they didn’t tell us the price until after we were holding and playing with him. He is the sweetest pup in the whole entire world. When holding him it just felt so comfortable. I couldn’t say no. $2,500 later, we have the best dog in the whole entire world. You can tell he came from a reputable breeder. He’s very well behaved like most boxers and all boxers I’ve ever had. He is my heart and soul. When we first adopted him, he had kennel cough but was treated and now he’s Almost 2 years old. Other than that, he was an expensive but perfect choice.

    Emily Marie

  • Had a great experience finding my perfect shiba inu puppy Sune. The staff is a super friendly crew who have the pups best interest in mind. Rose in particular helped me and made the whole experience of getting my new best friend as smooth and fun as possible. I couldn’t be more great full.

    Spencer Tate

  • We added a wonderful puppy from Petland to our family. The staff was very kind and knowledgeable. They helped the transition home go smoothly. The pets waiting for homes were well cared for. We are very pleased with our experience.

    Nicole Jenkins

  • I have been going to Petland and Lake St Louis since I got my dog meadow they always have the dog food we are looking for, and their selection of treats is outstanding, the staff is even more exciting. They always greet my dog with such love and attention I will go out of my way to get my pet food from this location. I am a big fan of taste of the wild. It’s a grain free food and does her well..

    Tammy Campbell

  • Got my dog Apollo from here about two months ago came with hole set up so understand that they can be pricey these are pure bred dogs and come from reliable breeders in 2020 I was attack by a German shepherd I swing by to look and leave with a dog they are very convince staff and honestly that’s ok I love my dog he keeps me company and he’s healthy I 10/10 recommended getting a dog from here. ( German shepherd ) 100 percent. They very smart and was easy to train my dog in a week he was potty trained

    Chris Monroe

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